high paying travel nursing jobs near nc

Top-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs Near NC: High Salaries & Exciting Opportunities

Are you a nurse looking to embark on an exciting career adventure while earning top dollar? Discover high-paying travel nursing opportunities near North Carolina that offer both financial rewards and professional growth. These in-demand positions not only provide competitive salaries but also the chance to explore new destinations and expand your clinical skills.

Travel nursing allows healthcare professionals to combine their passion for patient care with a love for exploration. With the demand for skilled nurses on the rise, North Carolina and its neighboring areas offer a plethora of lucrative job openings for those willing to hit the road. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling city life or the tranquility of coastal towns, there’s a high-paying travel nursing job near NC waiting for you.

High Paying Travel Nursing Jobs Near NC

What Is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing involves registered nurses working temporary assignments in various healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. These assignments typically last between 8 and 26 weeks, offering nurses the opportunity to travel to different locations while providing care to patients in need. It’s a rewarding career path that allows nurses to gain diverse clinical experiences, broaden their skill sets, and earn competitive salaries.

Why Consider North Carolina?

North Carolina is a popular destination for travel nurses due to its growing demand for healthcare professionals and diverse job opportunities. With a mix of bustling cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, as well as serene coastal towns such as Wilmington and Outer Banks, nurses have a range of settings to choose from. 

Key Factors Driving High Pay in Travel Nursing

Cost of Living Adjustments

In travel nursing, high pay is often influenced by cost of living adjustments. Locations with a higher cost of living typically offer increased wages to compensate for the expenses nurses incur while working in those areas. For example, cities like Raleigh and Charlotte in North Carolina, known for their higher living costs compared to rural areas, tend to provide travel nurses with higher salaries to align with the local expenses.

Demand for Specialized Skills

Another crucial factor contributing to the high pay in travel nursing is the demand for specialized skills. Healthcare facilities looking to fill specific roles or handle complex cases require nurses with advanced expertise, leading to increased compensation packages. In North Carolina, renowned hospitals and medical centers seek travel nurses with specialized skills such as critical care, emergency room, or labor and delivery experience, offering attractive pay rates to attract top talent.

Top Cities in North Carolina for Travel Nursing Jobs


In Charlotte, travel nursing jobs offer competitive salaries and diverse job opportunities. Travel nurses in Charlotte can enjoy working in top healthcare facilities such as Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center and Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. These positions often come with attractive compensation packages, especially for nurses with specialized skills in areas like critical care or labor and delivery. Charlotte’s vibrant city life, cultural attractions, and favorable climate make it a sought-after destination for travel nurses looking for high-paying assignments.


Raleigh is another prime location for travel nursing jobs in North Carolina. With renowned healthcare facilities like Duke University Hospital and UNC REX Healthcare, travel nurses in Raleigh have access to top-notch clinical experiences and professional growth opportunities. The demand for specialized skills in areas such as oncology and emergency care translates into lucrative compensation packages for travel nurses with expertise in these fields. Raleigh’s thriving tech industry, culinary scene, and outdoor recreational options add to the appeal of working as a travel nurse in the area.


Greensboro offers travel nurses rewarding job prospects with competitive pay rates and a variety of healthcare facilities to choose from. Facilities like Cone Health and Moses Cone Hospital provide travel nurses in Greensboro with valuable learning experiences and the chance to enhance their skill sets. The demand for nurses with expertise in specialties like pediatrics and surgical services results in attractive compensation packages for qualified travel nurses. Greensboro’s central location in North Carolina, affordable cost of living, and vibrant arts community make it an attractive choice for travel nurses seeking high-paying assignments.


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